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Linyi Lanshan District Ruijia Pressure Resistant Material Factory, formerly a floating bead drying enterprise, was established in 2005. Profession, focus and concentration are the company's development philosophy. Along the way, the company started from a small workshop and gradually developed into a powerful, large-scale and honest enterprise.

Relying on Ruijia Pressure Resistant Material Factory, we have successively established two import and export companies: Linyi Bangguan International Trade Co., Ltd. and Linyi Fujiehuan Import and Export Co., Ltd., which meet the conditions of independent import and export, foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange collection. Provide high-quality services for domestic and foreign merchants. Ruijia Pressure Resistant Materials Factory has two multi-element spiral floating bead screening production lines, four high-precision floating bead screening production lines, and a floating bead testing laboratory, which can meet foreign high-index floating bead products, as well as domestic oil cementing and rubber chemical products. , paint coatings, thermal insulation materials, steel risers and other industries, currently available products include: #600um, #500um, #425um, #300um, #150um, #106um and other specifications for export and domestic products; Fu Jiehuan Import and export companies can import and export business independently, and accept foreign orders and foreign exchange.

Floating beads are fly ash hollow balls that can float on the water surface. They are gray-white, thin and hollow, and light in weight. The bulk density is 720kg/m3 (heavy), 418.8kg/m3 (light), and the particle size is about 0.1 mm, the surface is closed and smooth, the thermal conductivity is small, and the refractoriness is ≥1610℃.

In 2015, the company exported more than 4,000 tons of products to foreign companies such as (Dubai) Halliburton, (US) Schlumberger, (UK) offshore drilling contractor Transocean, and won the recognition and trust of foreign companies. During the same period, our company also provided more than 1,000 tons of cementing products for domestic customers such as Shandong Shengli Oilfield and Henan Puyang Oilfield, and more than 610 tons of refractory products were also used by customers in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The company has newly developed a micro-silica fume project, which has been well received in oil fields and high-speed rail construction. In 2016, the company started to cooperate with PetroChina Cementing Company, which has been widely praised by customers. In 2017, the company added domestic CNPC Boxing customers, and developed some new markets in the United Kingdom and the United States abroad.

In 2019, the company updated 9 sets of fine processing equipment to process and produce high-end products (50 microns to 100 microns), which were exported to the European market, and the output and quality ranked at the forefront in China. In 2020, a new floatation bead sterilization and drying production line was introduced, which can produce 300 tons of sterilized products per month. Greatly meet the needs of high-end customers.

Over the years, the company has won the trust and support of the vast number of suppliers and buyers, and continues to grow and expand. The company is also confident that it can provide high-quality, high-end and mature products for various industries!

In short, our company sincerely serves the vast number of domestic and foreign merchants based on the service concept of pragmatism, efficiency and excellence. Welcome customers to visit our company and discuss.